Sunday, June 21, 2009

Woman In Puppy Burning Bonds Out Of Jail

WTF is wrong with people??!

An Osceola County woman who was charged Tuesday with setting the family's new puppy on fire has bonded out of jail.

The stepson, Joseph, 17, of the owner of a home at 3211 Eagle Creek Lane called the homeowner at work, fearing for the puppy's safety.

When deputies arrived, they saw burns to the 4-month-old pit bull puppy's paws, stomach, ears and face. The animal, named Haze, was taken to a local animal hospital where it was euthanized.

Joseph said he confronted his mother when he opened Haze's cage and saw the burns.

"All of his hair was singed and he had burns in random areas," Joseph said. "She had a bunch of stories, hard to understand."