Saturday, August 15, 2009

American Bully the New Pit Bull?


Menace or Mis-understood? That's the question a dog show in Dalton is raising about pit bulls.

Groups of people showed off their dogs at the Northwest Georgia Trade Center this afternoon.

The room was full with a new breed of pit bull called the American Bully.

"They are great around the kids, they are protective when they need to be, people give them such a bad rap," says dog owner, Aimee Jones.

The rap these dogs have, some would say is earned honestly.

According to a Center of Disease Control report on out of 1,000 dog bites in 2007, 33 of them were deadly.

In addition, 74% of those those deaths are from Rotweilers, Presa Canarios and pitbulls.

But the people participating in the American Bully Kennel Club says their new breed is all bark and no bite.

"Anything that has a touch of terrer in it and looks like a pit bull has become a nuisance and a problem in society and that's not what they are," says dog owner, Kris Santamarina.

"Those dogs are bread wrong, we've crossed pit bulls with a few other dogs and we have now what's called an American Bully," says Jaiy Bradie, event organizer.

Organizers of the American Bully Kennel Club hope shows, that highlights the bully's beauty will change their image.

During the show, kennels from all over the nation parade their dogs in front of crowds and demonstrate their gentle nature.

"We are trying to save the breed and part of saving the breed is changing the image and perspective of the breed. Peolpe have to see see that its not the dogs its the owners, the way they are trained and the way they are trained that makes them what they are," says James Cooper, Registrar of the American Kennel Club.

"You dont raise em to be mean a ferocious and attack people, they need love kisses and hugs," says dog owner, Paula Lowrance.

Guy Bilyeu with Chattanooga's Humane Society says smaller dogs like chihuahua's are actually responsible for most dog bites and the reason pit bull like dog bites result in death is because they are much bigger.