Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Calls Grow for Repeal of Breed Ban

Submitted by Jim Willis on August 18, 2009 – 5:58 pm

Bull terrier breeds were in existence long before the Boston Tea Party, and they were popular at the time Thoreau wrote his famous treatise on “Civil Disobedience.” The American Pit Bull Terrier is as American as apple pie and was used to symbolize the US on a World War II propaganda poster. An APBT was cited for service and bravery during the Civil War and received a tip of the stovepipe hat from President Lincoln. Lately, Pitt Bull Terriers have received increased media attention when a famous loser/quitter in the national spotlight suggested applying lipstick to them, and then the NFL and the Philadelphia Eagles gave a notorious animal torturer-murderer a job.

Now the city Pit Bull lovers love to hate and economically boycott, Denver, Colorado, will play host to protesters who will descend on City Hall, August 25, and demand the end of the City’s breedban. Denver is considered a worst-case example of the scientifically and statistically baseless, useless breed-specific legislation (BSL) that violates human and animal rights, and breaks taxpayer hearts and public funds.

Opponents of BSL are hoping for national media attention on Denver, and the cast of players and participants promises to command scrutiny.

The playbill includes:
- a Denver Assistant City Attorney who hasn’t confined his hatred of Pit Bulls and murderous campaign to Denver, but has sometimes taken his show on the road to other cities;
- a woman who suffered a 5-second “attack” by a Pit Bull in another state, who now solicits donations for her for-profit effort and holds herself up as an authority on dog bites, all the while quoting suspect “statistics”;
- a scrappy California veterinarian, herself a survivor of a vicious dog attack that might have turned lethal – who instead of blaming a breed, founded anti-breed-specific-legislation efforts, has ranted and raved effectively against BSL, and who is owned by one of the world’s sweetest and most unflappable rescued Pit Bull boys, named “Brad Pitt Bull”;
- a Denver Councilwoman who is working on a compromise to allow Pit Bulls back into Denver. However, some activists are critical of any compromise that includes special requirements or fees for any breed, or “temperament testing” conducted by laypeople – an ill conceived practice that is regularly condemned by the world’s most qualified animal and canine behaviorists.

Will protesters show up with Pit Bulls, or only empty leashes and collars meant to symbolize the almost 2,000 dogs Denver has murdered under its breedban?

Will protesters clean up any dog poo from the lawn of City Hall, or be tempted to throw it at a mayor or city attorney? Will media do a good job reporting on the issue, consult with true experts, and help expose Denver’s ignorance and baffling disregard for the Constitutional rights of its citizens? Will every animal lover urge a total economic boycott of Denver, until the municipal government stops terrorizing humans and persecuting dogs? Will every animal lover who can descend on Denver City Hall, August 25?

And for those who can’t attend, will you take a minute and civilly express yourselves to Denver public officials?

doug.kelley@denvergov.org; milehighmayor@ci.denver.co.us; michael.hancock@denvergov.org;