Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kissing pitbull

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - A Canadian news anchor takes a lickin', a tongue lickin', from a pitbull.

Taken our licks. Some at a very young age. But licked to death on live television?

"Oh get off this is crazy. Ha ha ha ha this is ginger," says Randene Neill the co-anchor of Global BC in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Ginger the up-for-adoption pit bull....make that kissbull. "Ginger just loves people. I love ginger."

"They need a wee bit of training. Really, you think?"
"Ouch, be nice! Stop that! Stop nipping. That's so not good. Don't jump."

Better to be kissed by a pitbull than clawed by a cat as this Fox 8 News Reporter in Cleveland was. The cat didn't get ginger's tongue, the anchor did.

"Ok ginger, ok oh ginger," says Neill.

All that licking didn't deter folks. The shelter got hundreds of
Calls from people interested in adopting ginger. An adoption was actually arranged, but later fell through. So Ginger is still available if you like your kisses wet. Getting a shower like this, no wonder the anchor called for the weather woman.

"Oh stop it stop it Wessla, Wessla laughter," says Neill.
The sports anchor wondered if Randene's husband got as much face time..."Really he doesn't," responded Neill.

You know, it's hard to watch anchor Randene Neill without
thinking of a watch, "you pick it takes a lickin and keeps on tickin."

"I've been loved by ginger. Ginger loves me," says Neill.
And none too gingerly.