Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2nd Montgomery Man Charged With Dogfighting

A second Montgomery County man now faces dog fighting charges.

Sheriff Clarance Sanders says Terrill Adams was arrested Tuesday afternoon and 18 dogs were seized from his property. He is also charged with cruelty to animals.

This happened about a mile away from where authorities arrested 45-year-old Kenneth Jordan and rescued nearly two dozen dogs Tuesday.

Sheriff's deputies say Jordan was charged with trespassing, cruelty to animals and dogfighting after the raid in rural Higgston.

Sixteen adult dogs and six puppies were chained to trees in woods across the road from a trailer park.

Many had scars and gashes and appeared emaciated. No food or water was found in the area.

Deputies said Jordan was charged with trespassing because he didn't own the property where the dogs were kept.

"I love my dogs. I don't fight my dogs," said Jordan.

Jordan told 13WMAZ that he fed the dogs every day and took good care of them. He said some were injured because he lent them to a friend, but took them back when he heard they were being used for dogfighting.

The Atlanta Humane Society and the Georgia SPCA treated the dogs at the scene. They said the dogs would be held at an undisclosed location until Jordan's case is resolved.

The raid was based on tips to Norrel & Associates, an Atlanta firm that investigates dogfighting complaints, according to a news release from the company.

Norrel says that anyone who has information about dogfighting can call their anonymous-tip line at 1-877-215-2250.