Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Suspected Macon Dogfighting Ring Busted

* Tacoma Newsome
* Edited By: Leigha Baugham |

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ga. (MyFOX ATLANTA) - Montgomery County police said Wednesday that they broke up a dogfighting ring near Macon. Investigators said dogs that were living and fighting in deplorable conditions were safe and recovering at a shelter.

Police said they suspect the dogs were used in a dogfighting ring near Macon. When police and private investigators found the animals, they were chained in a wooded area.

In police video, the dogs are seen with scars and injuries consistent with being used to fight other pit bulls.

The chains used to hold the dogs weighed more than 20 pounds.

"They've been chained there a long time, so long that as they made a circle around the tree that they had worn the ground down about five inches around each tree they were chained to," said Charles Simmons of Norrad & Associates, INC.

On Tuesday, Montgomery County Sheriff's deputies and Norrad & Associates, a private investigation firm, removed 16 dogs and six puppies from the property.

"One of them had severe should wounds on his back and shoulders with maggots in them, [they had] gotten in the gum and was infected," said Simmons.

One dog had a swollen leg, and several dogs were infested with fleas.

Forty-six-year-old Kenneth Jordan and 26-year-year-old Terrill Adams were charged with various crimes in the case, including cruelty against animals.

The dogs were taken to a Jackson County rescue shelter for treatment.

"No sign of aggression with humans. They seem to be very happy to be out of the conditions," said Kathy Motter, of the Grover Run Rescue.

Although the dogs took well to humans, the dogs will have to be separated from other dogs.

Investigators and caregivers said that not all of the dogs will survive. Some of the injuries and aggression may be too great. Of the dogs that do survive, they might not ever recover from their injuries.

"People who say, 'I love my dogs, they're like my family.' Who treats their family like that? Who chains 16 dogs in the woods to logging chains and then says, 'I love my dogs?' What fool would believe that?" said Simmons.

Jordan and Adams were also charged with failure to inoculate animals against rabies, dogfighting, criminal trespassing and criminal damage to property.