Saturday, January 2, 2010

Clare Cassar: Rest In Peace....sweet, sweet Fay

It came with great, great sadness today to learn that Fay, the rescued Pitbull from a dog fighting ring in Missouri lost her battle for a new life on Monday night (Dec. 28th) through complications of her former wounds.

For those of you not familiar with Fay's story. Fay was a fight bust dog who had her lips sliced off by a worthless scum dog-fighter. She was the topic of much discussion not only for her horrific man-inflicted injuries but also because she was the centerpiece of a HSUS fund-raising pitch to raise a million bucks for dogs “like” her, even though the national organization wasn’t paying a dime to care for her until bloggers pitched a bloody fit (more on this further down).

Fay along with 400 other fighting dogs were all rescued in a massive effort led by the wonderful staff and many volunteers of Humane Society of Missouri*. It was the largest ever raid in history on underground dog fighting. Pictures of Fay and this story spread far and wide and were even featured in Time Magazine:

(*Not affliated with the HSUS)

I know Fay is in a much better place, free of pain and fear, and I am so happy she knew so much love and caring before she died. I cannot say enough about good people like Gale (founder of MuttsnStuff) her foster mum, and others who give so much of their time, money and heart to care for and heal all the broken animals among us, especially those like Fay who are victims of such horrific abuse.

For those that wish to send a THANK YOU note to Gale - her email is

Fay (incorrectly named 'Faye') was later used in a print and video advertising campaign by the HSUS to collect donations, but their words were very misleading as people believed that if they gave to HSUS they were actually helping Fay. When the internet world united, calling out the HSUS on this scandal, they eventually contacted Gale, apologized and sent a check for a mere $5,000 to cover Fay's medical needs. Never have they publically apologized for this - though they have garnished more than $2 million dollars since this campaign. Read more about this story here:

After believing that this issue was resolved and Fay was no longer being used, the internet settled down, yet the HSUS sent out another revised request with Fay's picture again...

I personally sent an email to the HSUS about this and the response I received from HSUS's Sarah Barnett was:

"We spend thousands of dollars assisting in those raids, and had staff at those locations as well. As for what we do for animals – without the laws we passed Fay would still be in the cruel dog fighting life that she had before. I’m sure you do a lot for animals, as do I, we don’t need to get into what each of us does and who does more. I’m sorry you’re upset about the situation, we admitted we made a mistake, and are doing our part to make it right..."

Never have the HSUS publically admitted making a mistake.

I just can't believe that this has happened in the same month that Michael Vick has been awarded the Ed Block Courage Award, voted on by his teammates on the Philadelphia Eagles, after the once-disgraced star quarterback returned to the league after spending 18 months in a federal prison for his own role in a dogfighting ring.

I am beginning to lose my faith in humans..... Rest In Peace sweet, sweet, Fay x

For those that wish to donate money in Fay memory, Mutts-n-Stuff are setting up a memorial fund to help other victims of rescue through Fay's Phoenix House a halfway home for the victims of dog fighting. Links to this can be found here:

(From Gale):
"Right now....we are using our donate button on the front of our website. I been too upset to create something official...but want people to note it is in memory of Fay."

"Phoenix was from the Stoddard County bust that was the prelude to the Big MO Bust. He is a blind victim that was fought for many years. He is blind from detached retinas, jaw broken in four places, and still a love bug with all humans. When Phoenix was released by the courts, I took on Phoenix. He is one of my eight dogs. Phoenix was my inspiration to take on Fay. Now that Fay is gone....I will take on another special needs pit from the bust"

Please sign this petition against the Ed Block "Courage" Award presented to Michael Vick -