Saturday, January 2, 2010

Update: Savior Celebrates Christmas

THANK YOU MARIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


* Dog Thrown from Speeding Car
* Man Stops to Rescue the Dog
* Savior Now Well Enough to Celebrate Christmas
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(Updated: December 28, 2009) WREG News Channel 3 featured a story on Christmas Day about Savior, the dog that was thrown from a speeding car earlier in the month. Doctors believe she was used in fights before she was dumped from a pickup truck.

Plenty of folks missed it because of the busy holiday, and have been emailing for an update.

First, let us tell you that Dr. Gregory Shaw did some amazing work. Savior was well enough to leave the clinic for a few hours to celebrate Christmas at the home of Kathy Solomon.

On the night Mario Chiozza rescued savior, he called Kathy who has been a long time friend and fellow animal advocated. She was there as Dr. Shaw first went to work trying to save the dog's life.

Savior's breathing was hard to listen to that night. She could hardly open her eyes, and seemed to be in extreme pain. Dr. Shaw said he was optimistic. Savior pulled through.

She's still suffering and eye problem, and has been diagnosed with heart-worms, but she's expected to make a full recovery. She'll be placed in a home with a couple that has experience dealing with animals who have suffered abuse.

Savior really got spoiled for Christmas. Kathy promised him a steak dinner the night she was brought to the clinic. That promise was fulfilled. The steak was served on a platter. Savior also received several bags of dog treats, food and even a new coat for the winter.

Savior has gotten emails, donations and gifts from all over the world. Kathy, Dr. Shaw, and Mario wanted to pass along their gratitute to everyone who has sent well-wishes.

(MEMPHIS December 7, 2009 9:06 PM) -- A Whitehaven Veterinarian is working to save a dog's life, after the dog was thrown from a speeding truck on I-40 during rush hour Monday.

Dr. Greg Shaw was cautiously optimistic late Monday night that the dog, nicknamed Savior, would survive. But Savior is certainly not out of the woods. She not only suffered injures from being thrown from the moving vehicle, she also appears to have bite marks from being used in fights.

Mario Chiozza was driving along I-40 East of Sycamore View when he saw someone throw the dog from a white pick-up truck. He says the dog was thrown in the middle lane, but she managed to run over to the side of the interstate.

Chiozza just so happens to be a strong animal advocate and rescue worker. He also happened to have a catch pole in his truck. He used it to catch Savior. Another driver, and off-duty deputy, stopped to help Chiozza load the dog into the back of his truck.

He knew he didn't have much time, so he rushed Savior to Pets Choice Animal Clinic on Shelby Drive in Whitehaven. Dr. Shaw immediately stated working to save her life.

Chiozza is hoping someone else may have witnessed the incident, and caught the license plate of the White Ford Pick-Up involved. "I know one thing, we're going to need help. This baby's going to need help," he says.

If you have info on the incident, call CrimeStoppers @ (901) 528-CASH.

If you would like to help with Savior's medical needs, you can call Pets Choice Animal Clinic at (901) 881-6212, or email