Sunday, June 20, 2010

More on The Pet Company - Hamilton Place Mall- Chattanooga, TN

I know from personal experience that this place is hell for the animals kept there- anyone with half a brain knows that.

For anyone who does not have half a brain- all you have to do is read about the recent happenings to know that this place did not care about the animals in their care- they kept their air conditioning off for three weeks IN TENNESSEE, IN JUNE for crying out loud! When asked about this by a concerned party, they actually had the stupidity to say that the animals GOT COLD AT NIGHT....hello.....can you say adjust the temperature?

I have seen pictures of dead puppies in the back room, pictures of sick puppies, heard numerous personal accounts of people who bought dogs from this place and the dogs were ridden with health problem after health problem- many dying at a young age. Some will say that's what they get for buying a dog from a pet shop, but not everyone knows where these dogs come from. Many don't know what a puppy broker is, they don't know these dogs are shipped in via tractor trailer from states and states away, bred by "high volume breeders." High volume breeders who are in it for the $$$$$ and the $$$ alone. I didn't know any of this when the first place opened at Hamilton Place Mall and I was still appalled at the conditions...three or four puppies in a cage together, eating feces, smearing it all over each other and all over the glass, not having a place to lie down in the cage without being covered in it...bloody, runny poop, gooey eyes, lethargic pups...anything but what a typical puppy should be...they sit in those cages until they are sold or get sick enough and die there- who knows if they ever even got to breathe fresh air after being unloaded from the truck.

I am perfectly aware of the fact that without breeders we will not have purebred dogs- but RESPONSIBLE breeders take care of their puppies- they don't sell them to a broker, or to the first Joe Blow with the money. Google the Hunte Corporation, or Lambriar...get a USDA inspection on where that puppy in the window really came will get a rude awakening about that cute little puppy in the window.

I just read somewhere that "I should know better" about this situation- that this was the "typical all pet shops are bad" situation....I'm sorry, but conditions that could have "BAKED BRAINS"....... are you KIDDING me? I know from personal experience as I stated before that this place was NOT the kind of place anyone that even remotely cared about animals would want anything to do with, so I really don't think "I" am the one who should know better...anyone with half a brain should know better.