Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Pet Company - June 30


Pet Company Judge Gives Store 2 Weeks To Fix Problems

June 30, 2010 2:28 PM
Nathan Faulkner

The judge in the Pet Company hearing is giving the company two weeks to fix the problems at its Hamilton Place Mall store.

The judge's decision allows the animals that were seized from the Hamilton Place Mall store to go to other stores.

"I'm bound to reconcile the interests of these animals with the interests of the company," the judge said before issuing her decision.

But the judge also ruled that no sick dogs will be returned to Pet Company until they are healthy. The animals had been staying with McKamey.

Pet Company was accused of mistreating animals.

The store at Hamilton Place Mall was raided earlier this month. Officers for McKamey found unsanitary and unliveable conditions for pets.

Earlier Wednesday, the attorney for the Pet Company defended his client, saying the company runs a "top-notch organization."

The attorney for McKamey said the store had 90 violations, mostly for neglect. The attorney said there were dirty cages and that a manager had put a dead dog in the refrigerator with food. The attorney also said four dogs had parasites.

Chattanooga: Pet Company can reopen if problems fixed, judge rules

By: Kate Harrison

The Pet Company has two weeks to fix the problems at its Hamilton Place store before it can sell animals again, a judge ruled today.

However, Chattanooga City Judge Sherry Paty ruled that the store must pass an inspection by officials from the McKamey Animal Care and Adoption Center and the U.S. Department of Agriculture before sales can resume.

The 82 animals seized on June 15 from the store will not be returned to Hamilton Place but will be sent to other Pet Company stores, the judge ruled.

The store was hit with 90 City Code violations, including many tied to animal cruelty. City and state officials were trying to get the store’s license revoked.

For complete details, see tomorrow's Times Free Press.

Posted: Jun 30, 2010 1:47 PM CDT

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- Judge Sherry Paty is giving The Pet Company two weeks to take care of any issues raised before she makes a final ruling.

In her ruling, Judge Paty stated that the Pet Company could reopen, if it can take care of all the problems addressed in the hearing. The store will have to pass an inspection by McKamey Animal Shelter and the Department of Agriculture before it can reopen.

Judge Paty also stated that healthy dogs taken from the Hamilton Place location could be sent to other stores.

No unhealthy animals will be returned until they have received a clean bill of health.

All of the court costs and fines will be placed on hold until the case is reviewed on July 14th.

Customer: The Pet Company Doesn't Deserve A Second Chance

Submitted by Nordia Epps on June 30, 2010 - 8:35pm.

The Pet Company has two weeks to fix the conditions in its Hamilton Place Store.

McKamey Animal Center removed the store's animals a few weeks ago, and cited them with 90 violations of animal neglect and unsanitary conditions.

The Pet Company attorney disputed the claims saying there was no violation under federal law.

Judge Sherry Paty says many of the conditions were unacceptable, but they could be remedied.

The Pet Company gets to reclaim the healthy animals... but can't take them to the Chattanooga store.

McKamey Director Karen Walsh says their concern was always for the welfare of the animals.

McKamey Animal Center's Karen Walsh says, "Hopefully, wherever they end up there will be people that care enough to do follow up and to be sure that that's what happens."

Any sick animals remain under McKamey's care.

The judge postponed ruling on any fines or costs.

Walsh says a regular citizen would be required to pay back the more than 22-thousand-dollars used to lodge the animals.

The decision doesn't sit well with one customer of the Pet Company.

She bought a toy poodle there back in December and has already paid nearly 700 dollars trying to get him well.

And she says she won't be satisfied unless the the pet store is forced to close down.

"I love you. Yes I do. (laughter) This is my baby. I love him more than anything in this world."

For Linda Ramey, 9 month old Nathan is much more than a dog...he's a member of the family.

Ramey, "It is upsetting because I know what conditions he come out of and I just keep saying to him 'Baby, Mommy got you and God gave you to me and I got you out of that old mess,' and I did."

She got the toy poodle from The Pet Company inside Hamilton Place Mall on December 16th and she says he's been sick ever since.

"He has coughed, crouped, at some point you think he's going to choke to death. He's had congestion that he spit up," she says.

And nearly 700 dollars in vet bills later, Nathan is still not over what doctors diagnosed as a bronchial infection.

Ramey, "There's no telling how he was treated or where he came from. I just couldn't stand it. I'd cry every time I'd look at him and think about what he'd been put through. huh"

News earlier this month that the animals got removed from the Pet Company brought her joy.

Ramey, "When I think about somebody mistreating an animal oh hon, I really want to get desperate with them."

And her heart hurts for the animals with the thought of the pet store getting a second chance.

Ramey, "They're not going to do em right. They didn't do em right from the beginning. It don't make no difference what they promise them. They're not going to change their ways."

The lawyer and a representative for the Pet Company have disputed claims of unsanitary and unhealthy conditions at the Hamilton Place Mall store.