Thursday, June 24, 2010

Please help Sally live!

Sally was rescued by a friend of mine in Chattanooga, TN. She was saved with minutes to spare from a shelter, and has tested positive for heartworms. She was rescued by an individual that will be will be funding Sally's care on her own...Please read Sally's story and help if you amount is too small, and any amount is greatly appreciated.

From Kelly-

When I first saw her she had less than 4 hours left to live. She had been in a high kill shelter in South Carolina for 10 days and her time was up. She ended up on my Face book news feed and had been cross posted by countless numbers of people I don’t even know that were pleading for someone to save her life. I get so many of these posts daily and it is so overwhelming and disheartening to me that I have on several occasions “hid” the groups and people that send them from my newsfeed. On this particular morning, against all odds, Moonshine appeared. Something about her really stirred me. She had such a sweet look about her and brindle shaped heart patch on her side. I immediately acted and offered to foster her if someone could pull her from the shelter.

Things got crazy fast at this point and a bit confusing. With the help of a few good friends in the Rescue world and many e-mails, phone calls, paperwork, tears & frustration we saved Moonshine with only 30 minutes to spare. The toughest 30 minutes of my life. At that moment all contact was lost and no calls or e-mails returned. My stomach was in knots with worry that we didn’t do all that was necessary to get her pulled to safety. My friend assured me it was a good sign that they were busy taking care of her & changing her status but my mind was going crazy thinking that wires got crossed and it was too late. When I finally got word she was alive & safe I bawled like a baby!

From that moment on we were connected. My husband had no clue what transpired that morning and neither of us knew what all we were in for but it didn’t matter to us we just wanted to get her out of that place. We took a Friday off of work and drove over 4 hours to pick her up. When they bought Moonshine out she saw us amongst all the other people there & made a bee line straight for us like we were old pals. When we were in the car trying to get her settled in for the 4 hour drive back home Eric Clapton was singing “Lay down Sally, rest here in my arms” at the exact moment I was coaxing her to lay down and telling her that everything was OK now. She has been called Sally from that point on and likes it rather well.

Sally has come a long way since being caught and sent to the po po for “free roaming”. Unfortunately, she has a long road ahead of her still. She was tested positive for Heart Worms and has to have treatments to save her life. So my question here is that cross posting saved her life once, can it save her again? We have pulled her from the shelter and been fostering her. She will undergo treatments in 6 more weeks. Our funds are exhausted and we are pleading for Sally’s life again. She deserves to live. She is such a sweet girl and has lots of LOVE to give. It is so evident on her by not just one large heart shaped patch but she is loaded with spots and many of which are heart shaped as well. If you can, please make a small donation to help her. If you can not please cross post this sweetheart. It saved her once and I know it can again.

Donations can be sent by check directly to the Vet’s office or credit card donations can be made by phone to them at:

Northgate Animal Hospital
1600 Hamill Road
Chattanooga, TN 37343

Just tell them to pull the chart for Sally Andrews’ donation for heart worm treatments. Thank you so much in advance for you help!

Kelly & David Andrews