Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sheriff: 100 Pit Bulls Plus Chickens, Wild Boars, Guns, Drugs Found At Home

Posted: 6:54 pm EDT August 20, 2010
Updated: 12:27 pm EDT August 22, 2010

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio -- Jefferson County authorities initially converged on a home Friday afternoon as part of a drug investigation, but ended up finding an animal house at Sherman Bell’s home according to Sheriff Fred Abdalla.

"I've seen a lot, but this is one of the worst, the inside of that house certainly isn’t livable, I can tell you that," said Abdalla.

Humane officers counted more than 100 pit bulls at the home along County Road 23 near Bloomingdale. In addition they reported finding chickens, snakes wild boars and pet cockroaches. Abdalla said it appears many of the animals were neglected because waters bowls throughout the property for the animals were empty.

Abdalla said his biggest fear when he arrived at the scene was that the animals were being used in some sort of organized fighting. Bell said that isn’t the case. “I raise pit bulls, but they are not for fighting. That's why I'm so broke. If I sold them for fighting I'd have money." Bell went onto say that chickens are not used for fighting either.

Bell is in the Jefferson County Justice Center facing a slew of charges. His animals are being cared for by Humane officers, they will likely leave the animals on the property and care for them there, because there are just so many.

In additional to the large animal find the Jefferson County Drug Task Force reported finding 30 guns, sawed off shotguns, 80 marijuana plants and 20 grams of raw opium.

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